Monday, October 5, 2009


i can never live up to my promises.
photos via postsecret & loveyourchaos

Monday, July 6, 2009


So my first post, when I said I was starting a blog and then didn't legitimately post anything? Not the initial plan, to say the least. I was away (from starting this, from chictopia, everything) for a host of reasons, but I'm back now and ready to give this a try, or a new start, I guess.
My first outfit should probably have been at least good quality, but not currently do-able.

ANYWAYS I'm back from Amsterdam for the summer. I'm taking a fashion course at RISD in Providence currently, and it's awesome. Making lots of designs, doing branding, made my slopers, doing pattern drafting. Anxious to get that off the ground too. My life has finally calmed down, it's been way to hectic for a 14 year old this past year. I guess I'll also be posting the occasional older post of all the things I would have posted within the past 6 months.

Until then,
katrinadew xxxxxx

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Number 1

I'm leaving on a train for Paris tomorrow morning, which is positively amazing to be saying. It's going to be gorgeous, and hopefully they'll be lotsandlots of fabulous parisians. Wait. Not hopefully. Most definately. :)

Until then... 
Here's some fabulous Parisians courtesy of Jak&Jil blog and what Paris looked like in Ratatouille